How to Really Improve Your Life

Photo by yi zhao

Written by Raymond Salas

Is it possible to really improve your life by simply asking one question?

Furthermore, is it possible for this one question to hold incredible power for transforming and improving your life?

Without any doubt, my answer is “Yes.”

Improving Your Life Through Deliberate Conscious Creation

So, what is this powerful, life-altering question?

Well, before I reveal it, let's review how most deliberate, “conscious” creators and Law of Attraction students attempt to change and improve their life:

  • Decide what you want.
  • Feel the feelings and emotions of having it now.
  • Keep your energy, attention, and focus on what you want (ignoring what you don't want).
  • Take inspired action.

As one who has practiced and applied this formula many times over the years, I can tell you firsthand (as you may already know) that the results can be mixed at best. Sometimes, you do get what you want. Sometimes, you don't. Other times, you get what you thought that you wanted, only to discover that it doesn't bring you the joy that you thought it would. 

How to Really Improve Your Life

Is there another way to bypass this “hit and miss” approach and really improve your life?

I believe there is.

It all starts by asking a powerful, life-changing question.

So, what is it?

The powerful, life-changing question is asking your Higher Self (within you) daily: 
“What do You want for me today?”

Why is this question so powerful?

Because what your Higher Self wants for you is so much greater than what you want and can accept for yourself. Your Highest Self wants nothing less for you than your greatest joy every moment of every day.

As A Course In Miracles reminds us: “God's Will for you is perfect happiness.”

The key here is that God, your Higher Self within, not only wants this for you, but also knows how to get it.

The Power of Daily Surrender

Now that you know the one question that can really improve your life, my recommendation is to ask your Higher Self this question every day.

Here's how:

Begin your day by saying to your Higher Self, with an attitude of surrender, this daily prayer (or something similar):

Higher Self,

I surrender this day and my life to You now.
What do You want for me today?
How do You see me and this day today?
How do You want to express Yourself through me and my life today?

You decide for me.
Of myself, I can do nothing.
You decide for me.

Where will You have me go today?
What will You have me do?
What will You have say? To whom?

You decide for me.

I surrender all of this to You now.

I surrender to Your Will.
I surrender to Your Love.
I surrender to Your Guidance.

Thank You.


In addition, as you meditate daily for 10-15 minutes, you can take slow, deep breaths and mentally repeat the word “surrender” every time you exhale. A variation of this is to take a “walking meditation” for thirty minutes where you consciously breathe while walking outdoors and mentally repeating the word “surrender” as you exhale.

Also, throughout the day, whenever you have a challenge or problem...or feel out of your flow...or you're not feeling good for any reason...or your peace is disturbed in any other way, simply take 2-3 slow, deep breaths and again mentally repeat the word “surrender” as you exhale while letting go mentally, emotionally, and physically. This will release any resistance within you and bring you back into a peaceful balance and joyful center.

The Key to Really Improving Your Life

I have found that asking my Higher Self “What do You want for me today” and practicing surrender daily has not only improved my life dramatically in all areas, but has also literally brought miracles to my life.

The only question remains: “Are you ready to really start improving your life right now?”

If so, you now have the key.