Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

Written by Raymond Salas

Do you ever feel like the Law of Attraction isn’t really working for you?

Despite hearing about all of the great success stories, do you feel like nothing has really changed in your life yet?

Are you wondering if you’re doing something wrong?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Welcome to the Wonderful Law of Attraction

When people learn about the Law of Attraction for the first time, it sounds great.

We hear that:
  • We create our reality and world.
  • We can be, do, and have anything.

What’s not to like, right?

Law of attraction teacher James Arthur Ray tells us that in order for our desires to manifest, our thoughts, feelings, and actions must be “firing” together in alignment because “energy flows where attention goes.”

Sounds kind of catchy James!

The New York Yankees – Did they prove the Law of Attraction wrong?

Hearing all of this makes me think about the New York Yankees baseball team. Years ago, over a six season period, they have spent over $1 billion on signing (literally) the best players in baseball to win a championship. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s billion with a “b.” 

They really, really, really wanted to win. In New York, for both the team and its fans, making the playoffs is not enough. Every member of the Yankees team knows that when they agree to play, they are there for only one purpose: to win the championship. Everything else is unacceptable.

They are very passionate about this goal. In fact, one year they made up special shirts for each of the players, just before the playoffs, knowing that it was their year to win it all. Guess what? It didn’t happen.

In Law of Attraction principles, the Yankees were very clear about what they wanted, were very passionate about it, and took action in alignment with their thoughts and feelings. James Arthur Ray might say that they are going for his oft-quoted “3-for-3” (i.e., thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment) Instead, the New York Yankees went “0-for-6” in their championship run over that six season period.

Were the New York Yankees doing anything wrong according to the guidelines and teachings of the Law of Attraction?

Do you ever feel like you are like doing everything that you believe is right (and that you’re told or “supposed” to do), yet still not manifesting your desires?

What is really going on here?

Let’s explore some possibilities…

Why Your Desires Aren’t Manifesting

  • The timing is not ideal.
I know that many people are looking for a “quick fix,” instant results, and instant manifestation. When I have been in this mode and nothing seemed to change for me, often I realized that I was planting “oak tree size” seeds of desire, yet expecting a “tomato plant” seed timeline. Can you relate to this?

Other times, I realized that my desires involved other people, who each have their own intentions and desires in addition to mine. The Law of Attraction takes all of this information, organizes it, and manages all of the details involved. When the desires from everyone involved are all aligned, the manifestation occurs.

It has been helpful for me to remember that the Universe is all about speed and efficiency. It is always working to bring our desires to us in the quickest, most efficient way possible, no exceptions. If my desires are not here yet, it is only because everything has not lined up yet. 

They will manifest once everything is aligned (and not a second before or after).

This is what is commonly referred to in metaphysical circles as “divine timing.” I know that at times, this process can feel annoying and painfully slow, but it is always “on time” every time.

  • You are trying too hard.
The Universe is designed for balance. In many instances, I have realized that in some areas of my life I was trying too hard to manifest something.

As I once wrote:
“I kept forgetting to let go and allow the Universe to deliver (my desires and intentions) to me. It was like there was a part of me (ego) that was still trying to control the manifestation process that was not mine (or ours) to control in the first place.

I had forgotten that only the Universe is 100% responsible for delivering my desires, not me. 

After deciding ‘what’ I want, I must remember to let go and surrender my desires to the Universe, and allow them to be delivered to me.”

  • You are being too “needy.”
Ironically, I have also observed that in the areas of my life where everything goes smoothly and manifests easily are the same areas that I often give the least amount of attention to. I just know that everything will be fine and take care of itself. Therefore, it does.

Abraham-Hicks agrees:
“No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law. It can be no other way. It’s the way this Universe is established. If you want it and you relax, it will happen.”
The key here (and where I have gotten “tripped up” in the past) is to remember to drop my “neediness,” get out of the way, relax, and let go.

As Joe Vitale discovered:
“What's the secret to getting what you want? Not needing it. When you would welcome it but you don't need it, you begin to attract it. It all begins by being happy right now. And you don't need anything to be happy right now.”

  • You are being too serious.
When the New York Yankees’ rival the Boston Red Sox won the World Series championship in 2004, they referred to themselves as the “dirt bags.” They played to win, but did not take themselves too seriously. They grew their hair long (in contrast to the Yankees short hair and clean-shaven look). In short, they had fun. The result? Their first world championship since 1918.
“The more playful you are about it, then the easier it all is. Be playful. Know that it's going to be alright no matter what. Have as much fun as you can. Be as easy as you can. Don't take anything very seriously, because everything blows over, good and bad. Let it be what it is: It's a moment in time where you have the choice to feel good or feel bad. That's all that it ever is.” - Abraham-Hicks

  • You are not open to greater possibilities for joy.
As I have written about previously, I believe that we are each wired for perfect and complete happiness. Some of the things that I thought I wanted in the past, had I received them, I realize now wouldn’t have felt very good to me in the long run.

We can all observe that children often will ask for things that will actually not feel good to them, and may even bring harm to them in some cases. They just can’t see or understand what they are really asking for from their limited perspective.

As adults, to the Universe, we are just like children here. Some of the things we are asking for will not feel good and may even bring harm to us. In these instances, instead of a parent, adult, or authority figure telling us “no,” it’s our Higher Self that “steps in” and does it. And, just like when we were children, It does it out of love and ultimately for our greatest good and joy. At the time though, like a child, we often don’t and won’t understand it from our limited perspective.

As a result, I have found it helpful to always add “this or something better” to all of my desires and intentions. Then, I know that this will always put me into alignment with my greatest good and joy possible every time.

The key to working with the Law of Attraction 

What is the key to remember with all of this?

The key is to relax and know that we will never be completely satisfied. There will always be unmanifested desires in our life. We will always be on our way to something more, something greater. Once one desire (or more) manifests for us, new desires are born in a cycle that never ends.

I used to get caught in the trap of thinking “when I get this…experience this...or this happens,” I will be happier. I finally realized “Hey, why don’t I just try to be happy now instead?”
“The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that's what life is. This incomplete place that you stand is the best place that you could be. You are right on track, right on schedule. Everything is unfolding perfectly. All is really well. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun!” - Abraham-Hicks