How to Align with Your Higher Self

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Written by Raymond Salas

How would like to have a friend who truly knows the real you, inside and out, and unconditionally loves and supports you, as well as all of your desires?

What if this same friend was always available to you easily whenever you desired or needed them?

Furthermore, what if this friend always offered you perfect clarity and guidance for any experience, situation, or challenge in your life whenever you needed it?

Would you like to meet this friend?

Are you ready to be introduced yet?

O.K….so let’s meet your real best friend and true soul mate…your Higher Self.

“Your most important work – that which is the very basis of your accomplishment, achievement and satisfaction from this life experience – is your finding your true sense of self. Once you accept the existence of your Inner Being (i.e., your Higher Self), you may recognize the tremendous reservoir of knowledge and clarity and strength that exists right now within you.”  
- Abraham-Hicks

What is Your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is your Inner Being, the part of you within, that is still connected to spirit. It knows all of your desires, hopes, dreams, and wishes, as well as all of your challenges, problems, and how to resolve them. It knows all that you have been and all that you are now. It knows what brings you the greatest joy and really makes your heart “sing.” It knows your highest potential.

“In this one moment I recognize that there is within me a perfect Self:
A Self that is not dysfunctional;
A Self that is not weak but strong;
That is not limited, but unlimited;
That is not small, but huge;
That is not in pain but in peace;
That is not faithless and scared but all-knowing, all loving, and serene and calm, through the grace of God.” 
Marianne Williamson

How to Align with Your Higher Self

So, how do you align with your Higher Self?

Here is the best way that I have found:

  • Follow your heart, follow your bliss.
I have realized (through many trials and learning) that to “follow my heart” and “follow my bliss” is the only guidance I ever need to align myself perfectly with my Higher Self. Yes, it’s true that this path of the heart is not always logical and sensible (“on paper”) to myself or others, but whenever I have trusted and followed it (ignoring the voice of my ego), I have also found my greatest joy.

Tools for Aligning with Your Higher Self

However, whenever I have trouble following my heart and bliss (e.g., facing a problem, challenge, or decision where I don’t know what to do or which path to take), I have found the following tools helpful for getting me back into alignment again with my Higher Self:

  • “You decide for me.”
Here, I simply surrender whatever my problem, challenge, or decision I am facing by saying something like:

“Higher Self, I don’t know what to do here with (state problem, challenge, or decision). You decide for me.”

Next, I just do whatever I feel inspired and energized to do. If nothing feels this way to me, I wait until something does.

  • Surrender and meditate.
A variation of the “you decide for me” tool is to use it just before beginning my meditation. By surrendering any problems, challenges, or decisions in this way, I can then enter into my meditation trusting that my Higher Self will give me an answer in a way that is meaningful to me. Even when I’m not immediately aware of the answer given, I am willing to trust that it will reveal itself at the ideal time. And, guess what? It always does.

  • Ask the pendulum.
Another helpful way to access the wisdom of my Higher Self is to use a pendulum. A pendulum is a powerful tool for gaining access to the information in the subconscious level of our Inner Being or Higher Self. However, it should be noted that a pendulum should only be used for questions with “yes” or “no” answers.

Here’s what how I recommend using a pendulum to access the guidance of your Higher Self:
  1. With your thumb and first finger, hold a string or chain (at least 4-6 inches in length) with any weighted object at the end.
  2. Rest your elbow on a table or other flat surface, so that the pendulum can swing freely and easily above the surface.
  3. Make the pendulum still, free from any movement with your other hand.
  4. First, begin by saying (either silently or aloud) “I call upon my Higher Self only now.”
  5. Next, say (either silently or aloud) “Higher Self, show me a ‘yes’ answer.”
  6. Watch which way the pendulum moves for a “yes” answer.
  7. Make the pendulum still again, free from any movement with your other hand.
  8. Next, say (either silently or aloud) “Higher Self, show me a ‘no’ answer.”
  9. Watch which way the pendulum moves for a “no” answer.
  10. Once the “yes” and “no” answers are clearly established, you can begin asking your Higher Self all of your “yes/no” questions for the clarity, insight, answers, and solutions to any challenge, problem, issue, subject, or decision you may have.
I have found the pendulum to be an extremely helpful and powerful tool when used in this way.

Indicators of Alignment with Your Higher Self

When we are in alignment with our Higher Self, the signs and indicators are easy to identify.

We will feel:
  • Happy, wonderful, and joyful;
  • Confident, relaxed, and at ease;
  • Inspired and energized;
  • “Goose bumps” and “chills.”

The Power of Aligning with Your Higher Self

Here is what others have said about the power of aligning with your Higher Self:

“What you love is a sign from your Higher Self of what you are to do.” 
- Sanaya Roman


“Your handicap is the strong ego, the ‘I’ which stands in the path and must be surrendered. If we could bring it into correct alignment with, and submission to, the Higher Self, it would then be no hindrance to the illumined life.” 
- Paul Brunton


“The Higher Self is that place where everything is accomplished by doing nothing. A mere desire becomes the trigger for transformation.” 
- Deepak Chopra


“All the great people say it was their destiny to be great. Know thyself -- you have destiny to be great. It's coded in your DNA. Meet thy greater self. Express thy Higher Self. Fulfill your real self.” 
- Mark Victor Hansen


“You have a purpose, and your Higher Self will see to it that you carry out that purpose, whether it's done in a few hours or a hundred years, whether you do it kicking and screaming all the way or having a delightful time.” 
- Serge King


“The connection between the physical you and the broader, older Non-physical you (i.e., your Higher Self) is the missing link in much of what physical man seeks to understand – and it is the key to your living the spectacular and productive life you envisioned before your birth.” 
- Abraham-Hicks