The Secret of Perfect Living

Written by Raymond Salas

Can one word help you manifest your desires?

Does one word have the power to create love? Money? Health? Beauty? Peace? Miracles? Solutions to your problems?

Are you looking for the real secret to perfect living?

The Secret of Perfect Living

For many years, James T. Mangan searched for a one-word formula for living what he called a “totally optimum and perfect life.” In over forty years of research, later published in 1963 as The Secret of Perfect Living, he discovered that by using only a single word to focus our universal creative energy (instead of longer affirmations, visualization, and other processes) it gave the energy a laser-like focus and power in the present moment. As a result, the entire creation process of manifesting desires became easier and more effective.

The Discovery of Switchwords

“James Mangan identified about 100 certain single words that are extraordinarily effective when used as an intentional creative thought, to bring about a specific desired result. He called these special words ‘switchwords.’ A ‘switchword’ is the essence of an experience, condition, or desired result, expressed as a single word. Declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even just mentally ‘intend’ the switchword, and like turning on an electric lamp with a switch, the desired result reliably appears.” - Shunyam Nirav

How Switchwords Work

How do switchwords work?

When repeated verbally or mentally, switchwords work by activating the subconscious mind towards a desired state or course of action. It’s like flipping on a create this now” switch in the subconscious mind. As a result, the conscious and subconscious minds become aligned to achieve a desired goal or outcome.

James T. Mangan called this "perfect living," a state of absolute self-togetherness where the conscious and subconscious selves become unified for the highest good and benefit of the whole person. He created switchwords specifically to achieve this union.
“Although this (switchword) approach may seem too simple to be effective, actually the subconscious is very responsive to basic symbols - a single word can have great potency when thoroughly contemplated upon. More elaborate affirmations may have a tendency to engage the conscious mind, which can be especially problematic when in the midst of a difficult or trying situation.” - James Malone, New Jersey Hypnosis Center

The Power of Switchwords

Here are some examples (and their uses) of the power of switchwords (taken from the James T. Mangan’s list of 100):
  • REACH (to locate misplaced objects, remember something, solve a problem)
  • CANCEL (to eliminate worry, negative thoughts, and unwanted conditions)
  • BE (for peace, good health, to eliminate loneliness)
  • DIVINE (to work miracles, call forth extra ability)
  • COUNT (to make money)

The Most Powerful Switchword of All

James T. Mangan said that if you asked everyone in the world what they most wanted in life, their answers would fall into one of these categories:
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Survival
  • Security
  • Health
  • Money
  • Art
  • Wisdom
  • Pleasure
  • Happiness
  • The life of action
  • Self-improvement
  • Service to humanity
  • God, religion, spirituality, and/or enlightenment

So, what do all of these categories have in common? What is their central theme?

James T. Mangan said that at their essence they can all be summed up by one word: TOGETHER

He said that the switchword TOGETHER is the master key to any lock in life and mastery of any activity. TOGETHER is the one-word formula that he searched for all of those years. When affirmed or declared (mentally or aloud) in any situation and throughout life, TOGETHER is the secret of perfect living.

How to Use Switchwords

  1. Put your attention on your desired goal or outcome.
  2. Verbally or mentally repeat the appropriate switchword.
  3. Let go and allow the subconscious mind to create the desired results.
After letting go, you may receive an inner prompting and inspiration to take some specific action or the intended results may happen while focused on some other activity.

The Advanced Technique for Switchwords

The advanced technique is to combine two or more switchwords together when repeating. 

Shunyam Nirav, author of "Switchwords: Easily Give to You Whatever You Want in Life," has studied and used switchwords extensively since 1975. He recommends using longer chains of switchwords for certain types of experiences where you can give the necessary attention to affirm the entire chain easily.

His formula for a switchword chain is:

Together - Divine - [specific switchword] - Be - Now - Done

To learn more about switchwords check out "The Secret of Perfect Living" by James T. Mangan.