The Power of Surrender

by Raymond David Salas

Did you know that no matter how happy (or not) you are in this moment you can be happier?

Do you know the quickest way to access all of your true potential and actually experience it, instead of just hearing or reading about it?

Did you also know that you do not have any idea what outcome is best in any area of your life or what would truly bring you the most joy and happiness?

For answers to these questions look no further than “the power of surrender.”

I know surrender is probably not the first answer that popped into your mind. Surrender does not sound sexy or attractive to most people. In fact, surrender is usually equated with giving up, losing, and defeat. However, I feel surrender has gotten a bad “rap,” although I did not always believe so.

The power of surrender is actually a powerful method for silencing your ego enough to allow your highest self and true potential to come shining through without resistance (subconscious and unconscious). It is the single most effective and efficient means I have found for accomplishing all of this, but it’s still not sexy or attractive sounding.

Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups recommend surrender, through the turning over of your life to a higher power, as an essential part of any recovery program. The value and power in this is that it works, without exception, every time. But granted, it’s not always easy for most people to do.

I remember hearing author and lecturer Marianne Williamson speak and encourage others to turn their life over to God and ask that it be used for Its purposes and not their own. I “chewed” on this concept a little after hearing it. At the time, I was at a very happy place in my life, so I figured “Why not? My life could only get better.” I did exactly as she suggested and felt really good about it…initially. Within six months, I lost my job, home, relationship, and was extremely confused and upset about it all. “What happened?” I wondered. At the time, I was not making the correlation between my changed circumstances and my prayer request. Six more months passed as I searched for answers to help me understand what had happened in my life. Finally, in desperation, I said to God, “I give up. If You want me, You come and get me.” I was extremely frustrated at that moment. Regardless, God did answer me, but initially, I didn’t realize it.

The following week, after my “come and get me God” speech, I received a call from a non-profit I had been volunteering for. As it turned out, they needed help managing their computer database. I wasn’t necessarily a computer expert and told them so during the interview. They hired me anyways. Go figure.

Soon, after I started my new job, I needed to move out of the relative’s house I had been staying in. It had been six months and they wanted their den back. I didn’t blame them. Within a couple of days, a man, who was doing community service work at the non-profit where I worked, came up to me to say he managed apartments, heard that I needed one, and just happened to have one available. I went to see it and got the apartment. It was a large, beautiful, perfect space for me and well within my budget!

During this time, I was introduced to Energy Healing and began doing healing work, whenever requested, for people who were homebound and sick. I also led a daily prayer circle, facilitated a meditation group, and was hired as a coach and spiritual counselor. It was indeed a very busy time for me, but I never really realized it. Everything in my life just seemed to “flow” and “fall into my lap,” without any effort or prompting on my part. Furthermore, all of this happened without me consciously setting a goal or trying to make anything happen. I was so grateful for this miraculous period in my life. It was a couple of years later before I made the connection between the blossoming new direction of my life and my original prayer request.

I have come to believe there is a “blueprint” of our potential within each of us, just “waiting” behind a metaphorical door in our awareness. All of the desires, hopes, dreams, and wishes that would truly make our heart sing are written here on this blueprint. The most effective, efficient, and powerful key for opening this door is through the surrendering to our Inner Being.

When you surrender to your Inner Being, you are effectively saying “I don’t know what outcome is best here or what would truly make me happy, but You, my Inner Being does. Choose for me now.” Your Inner Being is God, your Higher Self, and the One Source Energy. Therefore, your Inner Being knows all that you truly are, past, present, and future. Your Inner Being knows all of your skills, abilities, talents, gifts, loves, passions, joys, and your original intentions for incarnating in this lifetime. Accessing your Inner Being directly will help to temporarily bypass your ego defenses and silence your fears. Your ego is incapable of knowing your highest potential or best interests. Only your Inner Being does.

Here are some tools I have found helpful for directly accessing your Inner Being:

Spiritual Power Tools….
  • “God, You decide for me.”

Turn over your life and any situation you’re facing, including all of your relationships, health, work, finances, etc., to your Inner Being and Higher Power by saying something like “Of myself, I can do nothing. God, You decide for me.” As A Course In Miracles reminds us, “To say, ‘Of myself I can do nothing’ is to gain all power.” To ask your Inner Being to decide for you is simply the acceptance of your true inheritance of the life you were born to live. Think of it as a big “Yes!” to all of your true potential, desires, and possibilities in all areas of your life.

The next step is to simply do whatever feels good, listening to your inner voice (gut feeling) and acting only from the inspiration you receive.

  • “I do not know what anything means.”

If, in the process of surrendering and living your life moment by moment, you get upset for any reason or your peace is disturbed in any way, it is helpful to remind yourself, “I do not know what anything including this means. I do not know how to respond to it. But, I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.” (ACIM) After stating this, completely release it by saying “God, You decide for me” or “God, You take care of this for me” and it is done.

Before you begin…

The only thing needed to maximize your experience of the power of surrender is to offer your simple willingness to your Inner Being with a state-of-mind that says “Inner Being, I am willing. Whatever it is, I am willing.” Your simple willingness is all your Inner Being needs to literally transform your life. It will take care of all of the rest of the details for you. You need do nothing more. 

How cool is that?