The Ultimate Daily Planner

Photo by Marco Verch

Written by Raymond Salas

Write it all down

I have always been a big list maker. I write down all of my work, projects, and thoughts for the day. I usually make my lists in the Google Keep app on my phone. However, the notes app that comes with the phone would work too.

Here is my method:

  • I begin by writing “Things For The Universe To Manage” at the top of my list. A more spiritual variation of this might be “Things For My Higher Self To Handle.”
  • Next, I list all of the pressing things on my mind and in my thoughts in that moment, including goals, desires, and intentions; tasks, “to-do” items, work, and other projects; health, relationships, and finances; fears, doubts, worries, and other challenges.

The key for me is to not hold anything back. I just let it all out. As I do this, I notice that my energy shifts. I feel lighter and freer as I completely empty out my mind in this way. If you have ever kept a journal or diary, you can probably relate to this feeling.

Let it all go

After completing my list, I just let it go. I let the Universe / my Higher Self manage it from this point on. I make the commitment to only take action if it is inspired, guided from within, or feels easy to do. If it doesn’t, I do nothing. I know this may sound very unrealistic or even crazy to some, but it works!

One of the benefits with this “Ultimate Daily Planner” is that I don’t need to tell the Universe more than once. The Universe hears me and gets it the first time, every time. 

Let your Inner Voice guide you

Next, I try to relax and allow my Inner Being to guide me, step by step, by listening to Its voice within me. Admittedly, sometimes my Inner Voice can get crossed up with the voice of my ego, which can be stronger and louder. 

Regardless, I still try to only listen to my Inner Being. Its voice may be softer, but it will always be the one whose guidance will direct me towards inner peace. I have found that the more you learn to listen to It and distinguish Its tone, the clearer this Inner Voice becomes.

Also, I pay attention and notice any synchronicities, chance encounters, and coincidences. I attempt to follow wherever they might lead me, even if it’s not logical or rational. I trust (I know, a scary word at times) my “emotional guidance system” and attempt to do whatever feels best. 

If this is ever too difficult to discern, I simply say "If it's not a 'Hell yes!' then it's a 'No!' " 

For anything "hell yes," you don't need to think about it, hesitate, or analyze it in any way. You just do it. If not, then it's a "no." Simple, right?

The Ultimate Daily Planner

I have discovered this “Ultimate Daily Planner” to be a daily planner like no other. It is a “to do” list for the Universe filled with requests and items to be acted on by the Universal Manager. With it, I'm no longer trying to make something happen. With the “Ultimate Daily Planner,” the Universe takes care of all of the details instead. How sweet is that?

I feel that we were never meant to micro-manage the details of our lives. I believe that we are not wired for it, which is why so many people get stressed out trying to manage or control their daily lives.

Rather, our only job is to get out of the way and allow the Universe to manage it all for us, in its own time and way. The “Ultimate Daily Planner” is a powerful tool that helps us to do this.

The Universe has your back

As I let go and allow the Universe to go to work for me through the use of the “Ultimate Daily Planner,” it feels like the Universe has my back and is always conspiring to bring me my highest desires. Miracles then become normal and expected. And the stress of daily life is greatly reduced or completely eliminated.