My 30 Day Surrender Experiment

Written by Raymond Salas

I decided to put the
power of surrender to the test. For thirty days beginning on the first day of the month, I made a personal commitment to turn over every aspect and detail of my life over to my Inner Being (i.e., God, Source Energy, the Holy Spirit, my Higher Self) and watch what happens. Furthermore, I decided to document it all by keeping a notebook to detail my results.

In the book, Ask and It Is Given, Abraham-Hicks describe a process called “segment intending.” It is based on the premise that each of our days actually consists of a series of segments, such as the segment of getting up in the morning, the segment of getting dressed, the segment of working, the segments of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the segment of driving, etc. Segment intending is a process where you consciously decide what you specifically want to create and experience in each segment, before beginning each one. Personally, I found it to be a powerful way to create your day, segment by segment.

In my thirty day surrender experiment, I am adding a different twist to the concept of segment intending. At the start of each segment, instead of deciding what I want to happen, I turn it over to my Inner Being by saying something like “I surrender this next segment over to You now. I surrender all of its possibilities to You now. You decide for me now and show me what to do, where to go, what to say, to whom, and with whom. Of myself I can do nothing. I place the future in Your hands now.” Next, I just do whatever feels good or inspiring. I try to reach for the best possible feeling in each segment. If nothing feels good or inspiring, I do nothing until something does.

In addition, throughout the day, I remind myself to “Be happy, feel good, be grateful, no matter what.” I find these reminders are a helpful tool to keep my energy high and mind focused in a positive direction. A variation of these might be “I AM happy. I AM feeling good. I AM grateful.” “I AM” statements are very powerful when used.

I have just completed my first week (i.e., seven days) of this experiment and the results have been very interesting, satisfying and rewarding to me, in sometimes very unexplainable, yet amazing ways. As a result, I feel like I don’t want to just do this for thirty days. I want to live this way permanently.

Here are some of the highlights of the experiences so far with my 30 day surrender experiment:

Synchronicity and coincidences

Unexpectedly, I have seen and encountered some friends that I have been out of touch with for a while. All of it has occurred through completely unrelated circumstances. In one instance, my friend said he completed his errands early and realized he had some extra time before an appointment. He decided to go to a coffee shop, where I happened to be sitting, and we ran into each other after many years of being out of communication. We finally got the chance to meet and catch up. I was very grateful for this so-called “chance” meeting. As my week continued, I came across two other friends and contacts that I also had not seen for some time. That’s three coincidences involving friends in one week, all seemingly “out of the blue.” I definitely was not expecting any of this.

Improved time management

I noticed time began to bend and stretch for me. I suddenly have more time in each of my days. I have not changed anything on the surface. I am still going to bed and getting up at the same times (except in one instance.) However, I have noticed I am ready for each day earlier, without rushing or altering anything in my morning routine. It feels like time has become my friend (although we were never enemies) and it now easily adapts to my daily needs.

Make friends easily

People have become friendlier everywhere I go. They are friendlier than usual. I am referring to the people I see every day in my world at the market, restaurants, stores, coffee shop, etc. I have noticed they are engaging me more, sometimes in very demonstrative and “out of character” ways.

Heal the body

I feel my body is already very healthy. However, a couple of very minor issues or areas (truthfully, that I had forgotten about) have suddenly cleared up and healed completely during this past week. I feel even better than I did before (if that’s possible.)

Improved performance in sports

I played softball twice and basketball once this past week, each with different groups of friends. I felt myself consistently in the “zone,” that powerful flow many tap into when performing focused activities such as sports. I felt like everything was possible when I was playing in these games.

Feel magnetically attractive

I have had that "irresistible" feeling consistently too. I feel like I am literally drawing people into my experience, without effort, as if pulled in by a mysterious magnetic force. It does not feel related to anything I am doing, saying, or anything external, such as clothes, style, mannerisms, etc. Instead, it’s more like some type of compelling energy and power.

Improved relationships

I have also felt a deepening of my existing relationships with family and friends. I feel even more connected to each of them. The interactions feel deeper and stronger than ever before.

Better customer service

I am receiving great customer service everywhere I go. It’s wild! I am not even trying to force or expect it. It’s just happening. People seem to be going out of their way to help me. I am so grateful for this.

Increased energy levels

My energy level is very high right now. At times, it feels like it’s going “through the roof.” During one night this past week, I slept only five hours, even after working very late. I woke up early the next morning, ready to jump into the day. I thought my energy level might crash later in the day, but it never happened. I was not tired and had plenty of drive and stamina for all of the activities of the day, including work, sports, driving, and errands.

Created a new vibe

Overall, my “vibes” have felt really strong. On the one hand, people seem friendlier. I am making and encountering friends consistently. On the other hand, some individuals that I used to interact with on a regular daily basis have been uncharacteristically missing from my life this past week. Perhaps only those in harmony with my new vibe now are drawn into my experience, and those that are not, won’t be. I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

Some closing thoughts…

The amazing thing to me about my 30 day surrender experiment so far is that all of this has happened in only one week, seven days. Personally, it feels more like four great weeks of activity and experiences, not just one.

I look forward to each new day now as I continue on with this experiment, always remembering to let go and surrender it all.