How to Really Change Your Life in 30 Days

Photo by oatsy40

Written by Raymond Salas

Are you ready to make changes in any or all areas of your life?

Are you ready to remove all of the obstacles and barriers to the manifestation of your greatest desires?

Are you ready to start accomplishing all of this in 30 days or less?

If so, author Story Waters may hold the keys and answers you are looking for.

I recently viewed his inspiring video called “The Embodiment of Freedom.” In this video, he explains how to really attract your heart’s true desires easily and begin changing your life in as little as 30 days or less.

Intrigued? I know that I was.

Here are the highlights of what he shared:

Tools for Really Changing Your Life in 30 Days

Story begins by explaining that we don’t have to actually work to achieve anything in our life. We are in fact God. We are already abundance. Therefore, by entering into the now, by simply allowing it to be, we are giving our Inner Being permission to blossom, unfold, and unravel, as it was designed to.

How do we do this?

  • Release your “story.”
Your “story” is all that you believe you know based on your past experiences. Story says that we don’t ever need to release the past. We simply need to stop focusing on it and bringing it into the present moment. We can accomplish this by letting go of our “story.” Right now is the only moment we can ever create in. Therefore, we must bring our energy back into the now.
“Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everybody is suffering from it, so it is considered normal.” – Eckhart Tolle

  • Put down your “shields.”
We have created our own limits and boundaries, or as Story likes to call them: “cages.” No one and no-thing else can do this to us. We are doing it to our selves.

Often, we build these “cages” when we put up “shields” and defenses to protect our selves from hurt, pain, and loss, especially when change has happened too rapidly for us in the past and/or we are still trying to hold on to our “story.”

Story says that “shields” are statements of not feeling safe and advises putting them down and releasing our defenses because there is no danger or adversary outside of our selves. Therefore, all that we are ever keeping out is us.

Story explains that within our perception of danger, lies our safety. Safety is not a feeling we seek or something we can get. We are safety itself. Safety is not energy; it is who we truly are.
“In my defenselessness my safety lies.” – A Course In Miracles

  • Let reality be your teacher.
“Let reality change you, instead of seeking to change reality.” – Story Waters

The Key to Really Changing Your Life in 30 Days

The key to really changing your life in 30 days (or less) is by learning to ALLOW EVERYTHING! 

When we allow, we step into the “flow.” The “flow” will always align us with our true being. 

Therefore, through the “flow,” we will each be led easily and naturally to all of the things we are asking for, including greater happiness, joy, abundance, etc.

Furthermore, all of these things will automatically be attracted and drawn to us. Yes, all of this may take time, but any time lag will give us each the opportunity to easily respond to the changes in our life as they happen, enabling us to go at our own pace, until we look up one day and realize that we are now living in “Easy World.”

Story reminds us that we are each creators of our reality (and only us). Our reality and world is merely a reflection and expression of our inner self (and no one else’s). Therefore, we should stop trying to change it in any way. It will change on its own when we let go and allow it to.

How to Really Change Your Life in 30 Days

Here are Story Waters’ guidelines for changing your life in the next 30 days:

Starting right now and continuing for the next month:
  • STOP trying to create in any way. Yes, this means your affirmations, visualizations, vision boards, and all other ways. (Blasphemy, I know!)
  • STOP seeking to change your reality in any way. Accept it and allow it instead. No matter what!
  • STOP seeking to get out of where you are (or change it) in any way.
  • STOP rejecting yourself and the world that you have created.
  • LET GO of your “story” and how you see yourself. Be open to new possibilities.
  • LET GO of how you want others to see you.
  • LET GO of how you want life to be (or think it should be).
  • LET GO of how you think you should be
That’s right! Let it all go and see what happens. Let the unlimited Universal Energy around you decide its own path for the next 30 days. Accept what is. Love what is.

Story says that by stopping and letting all of this go, we will enter into the “flow” where our freedom and abundance already lies.

He says that so much of the creational energies that we think are creating the future are actually putting up barriers to it and our greatest joy.

He adds that the greatest sign of a creator is one who doesn’t feel the need to create because they understand flow and how our being truly unfolds. True creation actually lies in acceptance.


Now here’s the warning label:

After letting everything go, all that you have been holding back and resisting will also come into your experience.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that the things that you haven’t wanted to deal with, wounds you have been carrying around for years (in your subconscious mind), sensitive issues, fear of change, fear of loss, fear of who will move out of your life, and all of the things that you have been trying to artificially sustain are now released and allowed in.

Initially, it may feel like all of this surrendering and letting go is not working for you because ALL “HELL” is breaking loose, both literally and figuratively!

It’s O.K. Just let it. This usually happens.

And, actually it is really a gift because your obstacles and barriers are finally being removed. 

So, there is nothing to fear ever! It’s all you (every part of it).

The best that we can do is not to struggle with any of this resistance as it comes out. All that we have been trying to hold away also contains all that we are looking for. Therefore, if we allow our resistance to fall away, it will.

Story says that when we let all of this go, it may initially feel like we are “taking our foot off the brake” of our life. Things may begin to suddenly change in order for us to receive whatever we have been asking for. Therefore, we must let in the unknown, allow all changes to happen (regardless of their appearances), and embrace the “now” to receive our desires.

We can’t have our desires manifest and also expect everything to stay the same in our life. Things will change. Therefore, Story advises us to stop seeking consistency. It is an illusion. The past and future do not exist. There is only now, a brand-new moment, free of all of our “stories” about the past and projections about the future.

He acknowledges that we will be challenged within ourselves to allow all of the changes to occur. This vibrational “purging” doesn’t have to be complete chaos. Our own Higher Self will guide and manage the entire process for us.

The good news is that all of this sh…stuff has been waiting to leave. All of it has served its purpose, but often we keep bringing back into the present moment through our desire and energy focused on keeping everything the same. The truth is that these things have had their time and now they must go. Ba-bye!
“If you love somebody (or something), let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.” – Kahil Gibran

On the other side of these obstacles and barriers is all of the things that we have been asking and waiting for. Often unknowingly, we have spent many years “lining up” (i.e., vibrationally) all that we want. Therefore, the Universe is already clear about our desires and knows all of them. As a result, it is not necessary to keep sending out “requests” to the Universe about our desires.

How to Really Change Your Life Beyond 30 Days

After 30 days of surrendering, letting go, and allowing, you may not feel the need to consciously create ever again because when you choose to remain in the “flow,” everything continues to happen naturally and on its own.

In the “flow,” there is no effort. If we are ever struggling, doubting, or worrying, we are out of the flow, out of the now, and not accepting of it. However, it is easy to return to our natural state by letting go of our effort and struggle.

The irony is that when we struggle, we actually create whatever we are struggling with, including the metaphorical “wall” that we are struggling against. When this happens, Story explains that we are rejecting our reality and attempting to change it when it is already perfect. Therefore, there is nothing needing to change.

No sacrifice is ever necessary. We do not need to suffer or struggle. He suggests to let go of all of these limiting beliefs. We do not need them anymore. In fact, we do not need anything. Story says that there is nothing in our life that we need. It can all stay or go. He suggests: allowing it to all do as it will; letting go of our attachments; and letting our life unfold on its own for each of us.

He says that when we enter the stream of allowing, we can remain there by continuing to follow whatever welcomes us, whatever “smiles” at us. He says wherever we are meant to be will “smile” at each of us and welcome us. This is how easy life was meant to be for each of us. It will become this way again whenever we allow it be.

When we let go of control and release our ideas of how reality should be, things will “smile” at us. Things will welcome us. This is the “flow.”

Final Suggestions from Story Waters

Here are Story’s final suggestions:

Go where you are welcome. You don’t need to fight against or change things. You do not need to change the planet. Be in your joy. It is the greatest service you can do. There is nothing higher. Living your dream is the greatest gift to the world.

Love what you are. Accept what you are. Allow the flow of your life. Be the God that you are.
“This is a state of allowing where you stop running the show. You stop trying to make anything happen. This is the time when you are saying to your Source Energy, to your Inner Being, to your God (or whatever you want to call it): ‘Here I am, in a state of allowing. I’m allowing Source Energy to flow purely through me.’

Within 30 days of mild effort, you can go from being one of the most resistant people on the planet to one of the least resistant people on the planet. And then those who are watching you will be amazed by the number of manifestations that begin to occur in your physical experience.” – Abraham-Hicks