The PhoneShield - Proven Protection from Cell Phone Radiation

Did you know that ALL cell phones emit radiation in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

Did you know that this radiation may throw off your natural equilibrium, balance, health, and overall well-being?

Did you know that this radiation may adversely effect your immune system and weaken its ability to respond?

Did you know that children may be even more susceptible than adults to this radiation?

Neither did I.

I have always heard that while cell phones do give off radiation, it was found that this radiation was harmless to us.

Perhaps I was mistaken…

The Reported Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

Here are reports and testimonials on the effects of cell phone radiation:

“Long-term users of mobile phones are significantly more likely to develop a certain type of brain tumor on the side of the head where they hold their handsets, according to new research. A large-scale study found that those who had regularly used mobiles for longer than 10 years were almost 40 percent more likely to develop nervous system tumors called ‘gliomas’ near to where they hold their phones. The new research, to be published later this year in the International Journal of Cancer, is the second study to suggest increased risks of specific types of brain tumors in regions close to where mobile phone emissions enter the head.” – Nic Fleming,

"We now have two tumor types found among people who use mobiles for more than 10 years shown by two different research groups." - Louis Slesin, editor of “Microwave News”
“Using your cell phone for 10 years or longer will double your risk of getting a tumor on a nerve connecting your ear to your brain, according to a scientific review of 11 studies. Because children have thinner skulls than adults, and nervous systems that are still developing, the study’s lead researcher, professor Kjell Mild of Orbero University, Sweden, said children are particularly vulnerable to the tumor and should not use cell phones. Professor Mild also said that the danger may be even greater than their study found because cancers need a minimum of 10 years to develop.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola
“If mobile phones were a type of food, they simply would not be licensed.” – Dr. Gerald Hyland, British physicist

The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on the Human Body

The reported effects of cell phone radiation on the human body include:
  • Headaches
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Disturbed vision
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion
  • Poor concentration
  • Lowered immune response
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Poor or disruptive sleep
  • Possible links to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Other Common Sources of Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation

In addition to cell phones, other common sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and electromagnetic radiation (ER) include:
  • Computer screens
  • Cordless phones
  • WiFi and other wireless devices

So, what are we supposed to do now?

Clearly, almost everyone, including men, women, and children, owns or uses a cell phone, computer, cordless phone, Wi-Fi, and/or other wireless device as a normal part of their daily life. I know that I do!

In fact, it has been reported that over 500 million people worldwide use cell phones that emit electromagnetic radiation.

Well, one possible answer may come from the exclusive manufacturer of a unique product in the United Kingdom (*international patent is pending).

This “one-of-a-kind” product is called “The PhoneShield.”

The Phone Shield – Proven Protection from Cell Phone Radiation
The PhoneShield is a “microcrystal radiation protector” that has been medically tested for over five years and proven by independent UK laboratory tests to relieve the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones on the human body.

Features and Advantages of The PhoneShield

The features and advantages of The PhoneShield include:
  • The PhoneShield is recommended for both children and adults.
  • The PhoneShield is suitable for all makes and models of cell phones and cordless phones.
  • The PhoneShield does not interfere with transmission, reception, or performance in any way.
  • The PhoneShield installs easily in seconds without wires or batteries.
  • The PhoneShield is non-toxic.
  • The PhoneShield works 24 hours a day and offers continuous, effective protection, even after years of use.

The CompuShield – More Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation

The CompuShield works in the same way as The PhoneShield.

However, The CompuShield is designed and recommended for:
  • computer screens
  • Wi-Fi and other wireless devices.

The Importance of Protection from Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation

The importance of protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation cannot be understated here. So many people, especially children, use mobile phones and computers ALL THE TIME....continuously. We have no idea at present how this will affect us in the future with long-term use. Therefore, it is probably better to take actions that will bring you greater safety and peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about The PhoneShield and/or The CompuShield or order one for you, your family, friends, work, or office, I found a distributor HERE.

Also, Dr. Mercola (quoted above) has a video called "How to Reduce Your Cell Phone Risks" that is worth checking out.

Disclaimer: This article is intended as educational information only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The author is not engaged in rendering medical or other professional services. If expert assistance is required, please seek the services of a competent professional. You are 100% responsible for what you do (or don’t do) with it.