How to Tap the Power of Daily Surrender

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Written by Raymond Salas

You think I would have learned by now…

After completing my 30 day surrender experiment, the results were great, wonderful, and often amazing.

I was excited. I felt really good. Life was flowing.

So, what did I do then?

Well…the very next day after completing my 30 day surrender experiment, feeling very empowered, I chose to leave the practice of daily surrender and return to my familiar and well-worn path of deliberate creation.

You know the one: affirmations, visualizing, gratitude journal, etc.

What happened?

Riding the Deliberate Creation Train

The first thing I noticed was that the flow that I felt like I was in seemed to…well, just stop flowing. It’s like the wheels of the “surrender train” that I was riding fell off or something.

While on this metaphorical “surrender train,” my attitude was: “I’m just along for the ride. The conductor already knows where I really want to go, so full steam ahead.” 

However, returning to the “deliberate creation train” from this surrendered state of mind was like tapping the conductor of the train on the shoulder and saying “Thanks. It's been great, but I will take over from here.”

After six weeks of consciously taking over the controls of my life again, I was miserable. I felt terrible. Nothing seemed to be going right. I was still doing my daily visualizing, affirmations, etc., but I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper in quicksand of my own making. It felt like the well of well-being had dried up and I was suddenly dying of thirst.

Eventually, it reached the point where one day I found myself looking out at the ocean saying out loud to my Higher Self: “I give up. I can’t do this anymore. I give up. I’m done!”

I’m sure passersby thought I was just some crazy guy yelling at the ocean or something.

Then, I went home and laid on my couch feeling completely defeated… deflated… uninspired… and completely exhausted.
“And this is the thing that we want to say to any of you who are feeling frustration or sadness, or desperation, or any negative emotion about some unfulfilled desire. We want to say, ‘We thought you wanted a ride on the river.’ And then you would say, ‘We wanted a shorter ride on the river.’ And we would say, ‘No, you want an eternal ride on the river.’ And then you would say, ‘But I really wanted it to not take so long from when I want something, and I float into the experience of it.’ And we say, ‘Then drop the oars’ (i.e., let go and surrender). Because the only time you need oars is when you’re paddling against the current. And when you’re not paddling against the current, the current will carry you. And when the current carries you, it will carry you into all of the circumstances and events and experiences that you’ve been asking for.” – Abraham-Hicks

Well, I did more than “drop the oars.” It felt more like I took them, broke them in half, and then threw them overboard.

The Power of Daily Surrender

After letting go, I soon started to feel the power of daily surrender once again.

What does this mean exactly? 

What happened after I started surrendering daily again?

Well, slowly but surely, with each passing day, I started to feel better and better… lighter… freer.

Literally, within a week, I felt like myself again.

After that, every day felt better and better. New opportunities appeared. I felt energized and back in the flow again.

How to Tap the Power of Daily Surrender

How exactly did I start tapping the power of daily surrender again?

I began saying my own “prayer of surrender” every day as much as possible.

What is my “prayer of surrender”?

I simply begin every day by saying to my Higher Self (i.e., God, Source Energy, Creator of all) something like:

“I surrender and release to You now every single aspect and detail of this day and my life. What will You have me do? Where will You have me go? What will You have me say? You decide for me. Of myself, I can do nothing. I let go now and let You show me the way. It is done. Thank You!”

In addition, I repeat this little prayer throughout the day before beginning a new task, activity, or time segment. For me, it is my way of remembering to let go and let God every day.

What if something upsetting or bothersome happens during the day?

I surrender this too using a variation of my prayer of surrender.

Lessons from Tapping the Power of Daily Surrender

What have I learned from tapping the power of daily surrender again?

Mainly, I have learned that surrender is really just a shortcut to my greatest joy. Yes, there may be other ways, but it is definitely the quickest way that I have found to align with my greatest joy, authentic self and greatest potential.
“Every time you turn and go with the flow, you thrive a little. And this is the part that we want you to take away more than all other things put together: the moment of relief is when you ‘drop the oars’ (i.e., let go and surrender) and let the stream turn you. There is a moment of relief there every single time. So if you are reaching for the relief factor, what you will begin to notice is you’re dropping the oars, you’re turning in the stream, you’re beginning to allow yourself to be carried to where you want to be. And we want you to know that there are delicious aspects of life, everywhere in the stream.” – Abraham-Hicks

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