My Daily Habits for Success

I was originally “tagged” by Aaron Potts at “Today Is That Day” to reveal some of my daily habits for success. Most recently, my new favorite blogger Shama Hyder reminded me that I had been “tagged” by Aaron for this.

Initially, I felt like my article “The Secrets of My Success” already covered similar ground for me. However, I decided to expand on my article a little with some of my specific daily habits.

My Daily Habits for Success

  • Practice meditation.
I begin each day with a 15-20 minute meditation. I have tried many types of meditation, including guided meditations such as the Learning Strategies “Paraliminals” and Kelly Howell’s "brain wave technology." Currently, I simply relax, close my eyes, and watch my breath. When my mind begins to wander, I mentally remind myself to “Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe.”

  • Practice yoga.
After my morning meditation, I practice the yoga exercises that I discussed in “Secret of The Fountain of Youth.” I find these exercises to be simple, yet powerful. The entire set of five exercises takes about fifteen minutes. For me, it is an invigorating, yet balanced way to start the day.

  • Drink a “green drink.”
After my meditation and yoga (and before any breakfast), I mix together a “green drink.” After trying different brands, I now use Green Vibrance daily. I prefer to receive my vitamins and nutrients from whole foods, without “popping” supplements (wherever possible). Green drinks are a great way for me to do this because they are nutritional “powerhouses.”

  • Drink tea.
I drink tea every day. In the morning, I drink Jason Winters Tea. In the evening, I drink green tea or yerba mate tea. Currently, my favorite brands are Tazo and Yogi Tea Company.

  • Drink water.
After discovering the water cure to overcome my allergies, I drink a lot of water. I drink 1-2 glasses when I first wake up, before and after each meal, before sleep, and throughout the day whenever I am thirsty. In addition, I drink about another 1-2 liters during exercise. Yes, I know that someday I may actually grow gills like a fish from so much water.

  • Exercise.
Spending so much time behind a computer, I realize the importance for regular exercise and movement. I play basketball weekly. I play softball 1-2 times a week. Occasionally, I play some tennis. When I am not playing sports, I make sure to go for a 20-30 minute (or more) “brisk” walk every day.

In fact, now that I have completed this list, I think that I will go for a nice walk right now on this beautiful day.

Thanks Aaron for the “tag” and Shama for the reminder.

Be well!