The 5 Steps For Creating The Life of Your Dreams

Written by Raymond Salas

Let me ask you…”Are you living the life of your dreams?”

“I mean, REALLY living the life of your dreams?

If not, it wouldn’t take long for you to uncover a countless number of books, blogs, ebooks, audio programs, webinars, workshops, speakers, etc. that each promise to show you the way.

But, which way is actually the right one? Which one really works? Or is there even a “right” one?

If you could somehow take all of this material and summarize it into a few simple, actionable steps, what would they be?

Here’s what I think they would be:

The 5 Steps For Creating The Life of Your Dreams

- Be open to all possibilities.

The first step is to open your mind to all possibilities, even to things you’ve never believed or considered before. Be willing to see and do things differently. The bottom line is: If you want different outcomes and results in your life, you must be willing to see and do things differently. If not, that would be insanity, right?

- Write down your desires.

To help clarify what you want, make a list of all of your desires. I have found that physically writing things down can help to get the energy moving. It takes the ideas out of your head and makes them visible, tangible and more real.

Next, review this list and revise until it more or less represents your most important and true desires.

Once complete, let it go and release it to the Universe. Just like placing an order in a restaurant, once you give it, you wouldn’t then go into the kitchen to micro-manage the kitchen staff preparing and cooking it for you...would you? Not likely. You would probably just let go and trust that it would be delivered to you as ordered (or even better). Well, the Universe is no different.

It is also very beneficial to let go of any attachment to a specific desire or outcome by reminding yourself “This or something better.”

- Take small steps in the direction of your desires.

Next, take whatever action you can that moves you, however slowly, in the direction of your desires. The idea is not to look for the one "magic" thing that is going to make everything happen for you. This “one thing” doesn’t exist for most people. It is usually a large number of small steps. Thus, the best thing to do instead is identify the next small step that moves you forward in the direction of what you truly want.

- Seize the opportunities that come your way.

After setting all of the previous steps in motion, simply start accepting whatever opportunities present themselves to you and make the most of them.

Do your best to let go of all wondering “how” everything is going to work out and focus instead on whatever opportunity is presenting itself to you now in the present moment.

This is not always easy because your mind wants to know and figure everything out, but it is the most ideal way to maximize and get the most out of every moment.

- Add value every day.

The final step is to ask yourself every day, wherever you find yourself, “How can I add value here now?” Whatever answer you come up with, simply do that.

Even if part of you wonders if there is something else better for you, do your best to let go of this distracting thought and assume that the present moment is perfect for you just the way it is. Therefore, your only job is to identify the opportunity in it and provide all of the value you can to others, being of service to them. 

Don’t worry about what you will get. Focus on what you can give instead and what you’ll receive in return will be far greater than anything you could have ever figured out, planned or imagined.

Then, what?

After completing each of these steps, you will start to gain momentum and develop a flow. As you continue down this path, in time, whatever people, circumstances, and situations that are a match to you and your greatest good will begin showing up in your life. Then, eventually, you’ll realize one day that you’re actually living the life of your dreams.