Top 3 Reasons Your Desires Haven't Manifested Yet

Written by Raymond Salas

Do you feel like your success is taking fooooorever? 

Are you trying to enjoy the journey (like they tell you to do in self-help books and spiritual teachings) but feel like it’s just taking too damn long? Enough is enough already!

Do your dreams and desires feel like they’re off somewhere... in a galaxy far, far away?

Is all of this waiting making you feel anxious, annoyed, or frustrated...or all three?

What’s really going on here?

Why haven’t your desires manifested and become your reality?

Top 3 Reasons Your Desires Haven't Manifested Yet

Here’s the top 3 reasons your desires haven’t manifested yet:

- You’re not a match to them yet.

What does that mean?

It means your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are not aligned with your desires. You have not become this person yet.

The thing can’t keep doing the same things that you’ve always done and expect different results. You must be willing to make changes in yourself that align you with your desires. Once you are aligned, you’ll be in your flow. Once there, your desires will happen naturally. 

Personal development blogger and author, Steve Pavlina agrees: 
"When you visualize your new reality, you must imagine yourself BEING the kind of person who can attract and hold on to all the good stuff you wish to manifest. That means you’re going to have to work on yourself and grow into that kind of person. Manifestations can occur very RAPIDLY and POWERFULLY once this harmony is achieved. But until that happens, results tend to be minimal or negative."

- You’re too impatient.

Yes, we live in a world where things happen very quickly. Communication and information can circle the globe in seconds.

These facts only make it harder for us to be patient with the process of our individual lives, the natural ebb and flow of daily living. Modern technology and communication can make us feel like spoiled children who want what we want when we want it.

However, the manifestation of our desires requires personal growth and development, which is rarely quick and simple. It’s a process, a day-by-day unfolding. I know it sounds cliche to say "it's a process," but it’s true nonetheless. 

The bottom line is...we have NO control over the timing of our desires materializing. We can only choose to participate in this process (or not). Therefore, the opportunity for each us is learning to enjoy this process of becoming the person who IS a perfect match to our desires.

The key is to be willing to let go of your impatience. It only creates stress and resistance within you, which only pushes and keeps your desires further away, delaying their manifestation.

- You don’t feel worthy.

If you don't feel worthy, you will have great difficulty manifesting and sustaining your desires in your life. 

This lack of worthiness can express itself in different ways...

You may not feel deserving. You may feel like you’re lacking “something” or aren’t good enough in some way.

If things come too easily, you may feel like you haven’t “earned” it. As a result, you’ll likely self-sabotage your success, like a lottery winner who is flat broke a few years later.

Or maybe you feel guilty for something done in the past (or are doing now). This guilt will then block or limit the good that you want to bring into your life.

The good news is that the remedy is simple: forgive yourself now.

And, be willing to accept that you are worthy and deserving of receiving all of the good that life has to offer you. Just like everyone else is.