How to Unleash the Amazing Power of Visualization

Written by Raymond Salas

How to Unleash the Amazing Power of Visualization

An interesting story that came out of the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011 was a great reminder of how to unleash the amazing power of visualization.

The Packers then head coach Mike McCarthy decided to have all of his players sized for their winning Super Bowl rings the night before the big game. That’s right, BEFORE.
He explained:
“I talked to our football team a lot about having real confidence, and those are just examples and opportunities to express that. I felt that the measurement of the rings, the timing of it would be special, it would have a significant effect on our players doing it the night before the game.”

Mike was right. It did have a significant effect... a very big and desired one!

As in this real-life example, the key for unleashing the amazing power of visualization is this: seeing your desire and feeling it in your heart as if it has already happened, it is already done.

It worked for the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV, so it can work for you too.