How to Push the "Miracle Activation" Button

Photo by Aftab Uzzaman

Written by Raymond Salas

Most of us are familiar with the image of the fire alarm encased in glass with the sign that reads “In case of emergency, break glass.”

What if I told you that you too have your own metaphorical “button” that you can activate “in case of emergency” to call for all of the help that you need for any problem at any time?

For example…

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Push the button.

Feeling exhausted? Push the button.

Need more clarity? Push the button.

Need guidance about anything? Push the button.

Need money for any reason? Push the button.

Have a health challenge of any type? Push the button.

Relationship problems? Push the button.

Need help in any or all area(s) of your life now? Push the button.

So, what is this “button” that I keep referring to?

It is the one that I like to call the “miracle activation” button.

The “Miracle Activation” Button

What is the “miracle activation” button?

The “miracle activation” button is actually the one-word prayer “Help!” expressed to our Higher Self in time of need.

Used in this way, “Help!” becomes a metaphorical “button” for our Inner Being and a powerful command to our subconscious mind that can be used any time for any situation, problem, challenge, or emergency we may be facing.

Through my own use, I have found “Help!” to be a very effective “switchword" or one-word prayer for any situation.

How to Push The “Miracle Activation” Button

How does this “button” work exactly? More importantly, how can you start using this “miracle activation” button right now?

Here is the simple process that has worked well for me:
  • Think or focus on all of the details of any problem, challenge, issue, etc. that you are facing now. Be sure to include the “worst case scenario,” including all of your fears, doubts, worries, and feelings related to it. That’s right, all of the “gory” details.
  • Next, with conviction and focus, say to your Higher Self (i.e., God, Source Energy, the Universe, etc.) within you: “Help! Help! Help!”
  • Then release, let go and surrender the rest of the details to your Higher Self to resolve. I have found that turning over your problems to your Higher Self to handle in this way will truly simplify your life and allow miracles to happen easily and naturally. 
“Let your mind dwell upon the problem for a moment, not worrying, not fretting, but placidly, and then turn it over to the ‘(Higher Self) Inside You.’ Say ‘This is your problem. You can do anything. You know the answer to everything. Work this out for me!’ And utterly relax. Do as Aladdin did – summon your Genie, give him your orders, then forget the matter, secure in the knowledge that he will attend to it for you.” – Robert Collier, “The Secret of the Ages

“We would say, ‘Manager (Higher Self), you know what to do. Go to it. And I'll do my role, which is to hold myself in this light, fluffy, good feeling, rampage of appreciation, place, so that you can do your work in a non-restricted manner.’ ” – Abraham-Hicks

The Power of The “Miracle Activation” Button

Why is it so powerful to say the one-word prayer and command “Help!”?

What is the real power of this so-called “miracle activation” button?

I believe that when we request specific help from our Higher Self in this focused manner, what we are really saying to our consciousness is:

  • I don’t have the answer here.
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • Therefore, I open myself up to greater possibilities now.
  • I give up and surrender this problem completely now to my Higher Self (who has the power and knows exactly what to do).
  • I will let go now and let my Higher Self do its thing by taking care of this for me.
  • I will let go and allow myself to be helped now (because I am worthy of this help).
  • I am willing to receive this help now (because I deserve it).

As a result, miracles happen.

The Key to The “Miracle Activation” Button

What is the key to using this “miracle activation” button effectively?

Knowing (and trusting) that your answer will be given, whenever you ask for it.

“We want to find ways to convince you that the Well-being that you've been asking for is being answered. Your wish is granted. Now it's time for you to start accepting that it is done.” – Abraham-Hicks