"Law of Attraction" by Michael Losier

Written by Raymond Salas

Michael is a master teacher, trainer, and coach who has been teaching the Law of Attraction since 1995. He has become known as the “Law of Attraction How To Guy.”

Of all of the teachers and programs that I have read, watched or heard on the Law of Attraction, his book is definitely the easiest to follow and apply.

In plain, simple terms, he presents all of the necessary tools to become a deliberate creator in your own life. He calls it “the science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t.”

I first heard Michael on Oprah’s radio show years ago. After hearing his simple, yet powerful approach and explanations of how to apply the Law of Attraction in the various areas of our lives, I bought his “Law of Attraction” book.

I was not disappointed. The book is a very quick “read,” yet it covers all of the “nuts and bolts” necessary for applying the Law of Attraction principles immediately and effectively to:

  • Stop attracting things that you don’t want.
  • Increase wealth and abundance in your life.
  • Attract your ideal mate and ideal relationships.
  • Increase your business – customers, clients and referrals.
  • Discover your ideal job, true calling or career.

If I had to recommend only one Law of Attraction book to all of my family and friends (especially the ones not interested in Abraham-Hicks or “The Secret”), this would be the one.

Originally, Michael was a certified NLP practitioner when he discovered the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks. He said that something just “clicked” when he studied their material.

Michael first released his book “Law of Attraction” in 2003. In less than a year, it became a #1 Canadian best-seller through positive “word-of-mouth” from readers.

How did he come up with the idea for his “Law of Attraction” book?

Michael explains:
“Many of the books I’ve studied were broad in their theoretical approach to the subject of the Law of Attraction. Nowhere could I find an answer to my question, ‘How do I actually DO this?’ With my knowledge of NLP and how to teach using different learning styles, I created an easy-to-follow HOW-TO book for students of the Law of Attraction. Using the exercises and tools in this book, you will be able to learn quickly so you can begin practicing the Law of Attraction in your own life.”

If you would like to learn more about this book or purchase your own copy, click HERE.