A Different Holiday Wish List

by Raymond David Salas

The holidays are here. It is a time where we each have the opportunity to give to others (as we choose), spreading love, joy, peace, and harmony in the process.

During the holiday season, many put together their wish lists to make the holiday shopping for their family and friends easier. A search on Amazon.com will reveal wish lists of almost every type.

Even in my family, wish lists are popular. Every year during the holiday season, my mom always asks for wish lists from each family member. She loves playing a “not so secret” Santa Claus for the family every year.

This holiday season, I decided create a different kind of wish (and intention) list for my ZenChill.com Power Tools Blog. It is a wish and intention list for personal development. In other words, it is a wish list for mind, body, and soul; affirmations and reminders not just for the holiday season, but every day of the new year and beyond.

Moreover, I offer it now as my prayer for all this holiday season and every day of the new year (and beyond). Please feel free to share it with all, if you so desire.

Prayer for the Holiday Season (and every day of the new year):

Praise all
Respect all
Be true to all
Accept all
Be inspired by all
Be grateful for all
See only good in all
Be kind to all
Trust all
Forgive all
Love all
Do all that you can
Be all that you are
In all ways
At all times

On behalf of my ZenChill.com Power Tools Blog, I wish all the most joyous, peaceful, prosperous, and loving holiday season and new year possible.

“When you ask, it is given, every single time, no exceptions.”- Abraham-Hicks

It is now done.