Pennies From Heaven

Photo by Neal Lindsay

Written by Raymond Salas

I used to facilitate a weekly meditation group. At the end of the meditation session during my very first weekly gathering, I asked all of the participants to hold hands and close their eyes. Next, I had everyone visualize a circle of light and place people, situations, etc. into it to be blessed. I concluded with a prayer of blessings, miracles, release and new beginnings for all.

However, something that I can’t explain happened just before I concluded my prayer on that first day of my new weekly meditation group. With all of our hands still joined and eyes still closed, we all heard a little “ting-ting” sound coming from the center of our “circle of light.” I temporarily ignored it, continued on, and concluded my prayer.

When I was done, I opened my eyes and saw two bright shiny pennies in the middle of where we had visualized our circle of light. One of the meditation group’s participants looked at me and declared, “This looks like a sign of very good things for you.” Indeed.

Now, I am very open-minded, especially when it comes to the manifestation of miracles, but I must admit that I was blown away by this experience.

“What did it all mean?” I wondered. “Where did these pennies come from? Why? How? What was their purpose?”

After mentally filing this in the expanding “Wow!” folder in my mind, I decided to meditate on it and let my consciousness process the experience to see what my Inner Being had to say about all of this manifesting of pennies business. Here is the message that I received: “They were pennies from heaven, reminding me ‘In God we trust.’ They were a sign and symbol for me to keep surrendering and trusting in God. I am on the right path, just keep trusting.” How cool is that?

Since that day of my first meditation group, I have continued to manifest “pennies from heaven.” The pennies continue to show up in the most random places, at the most random times (or so it seems to my conscious mind.) In every instance, just when I need a sign, symbol, or message to keep trusting in God and the path that I am on, a penny (or two, three, or more) appears for me. In my most recent experience, I was walking back to my car and suddenly came across four pennies, all perfectly stacked. It definitely caught my attention and I was grateful for the reminder.

I have shared my “pennies from heaven” experiences with others and many have since had their own pennies manifesting for them in sometimes unusual ways, always letting them know to keep trusting in God, they’re on the right path.

If you would like to manifest your own “pennies from heaven,” the process that I follow is simple:

  • First, open up your mind and belief system to the possibility of manifesting “pennies from heaven.” Silence your logical mind and intellect. It will not serve you here. Choose to listen to your heart and spirit instead.

  • Next, begin noticing when and where they begin showing up for you. Don’t analyze or question. Just accept.

  • When you they do appear for you, which can be anywhere and anytime, take it as a sign to trust that you’re on your right path. Think of it as letting the Universe know to use pennies from now on as a reminder for you in this way and It will.

  • In addition, ask your Higher Self and intuition if there are any other messages for you in addition to trusting your path.

  • Always give thanks and gratitude for your penny miracles.

Follow these guidelines and soon you’ll be singing about “pennies from heaven” where there are pennies from heaven for you and me.