Jason Winters Tea

Written by Raymond Salas

Originally, Jason Winters was an adventurer and a stunt man. Once, he even crossed the Canadian Rockies in a hot air balloon, the Sahara Desert by camel, and performed stunts in many Hollywood films. In 1977, he discovered a large growth on the side of his neck and was later diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was given three months to live.

After all medical efforts had been exhausted, he was sent home to die. He said that he turned to prayer and herbs. After he conducted some personal research, he discovered that Red Clover was an herb that had been used for centuries in Europe to purify the blood, Herbalene was used in Asia for tumors, and the Native Americans used Chaparral and Sage to cleanse the body.

Initially, Jason decided to make and consume teas of each of these individual herbs. This proved to be ineffective, with no change in his condition. Later, after some frustration, he mixed all of the herbs together. He said that he felt a change immediately. He ended up recovering completely and remains completely free of cancer today.

This herbal combination is sold now as Jason Winters Tea (Classic Blend).

It should be noted that this tea is not considered to be a cure. Tests on these herbs have revealed that they simply purify the blood which often enables the immune system to heal the body. As such, this combination of herbs would also have a similar effect on most illnesses.

In a report to the British Medical Association (featured on the Jason Winters site), Dr. Ian Pierce reported: 
"The three quality tested herbs are certified organic. They are gentle, but a highly effective influence on the body flushing out accumulated toxins, which allows the body to rebuild cells and return to a healthy state. The herbs are safe and effective with no side effects and work well with other medicines and therapies.These herbs do not cure illness. They simply purify the blood and so, quite often, the body can heal itself."
Personally, I love the taste of Jason Winters Tea and it is a great part of any day. I can feel a difference whenever I do.I highly recommend it! Enjoy and be well!

Disclaimer: This article is intended as educational information only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The author is not engaged in rendering medical or other professional services. If expert assistance is required, please seek the services of a competent professional. You are 100% responsible for what you do (or don’t do) with it.