How to Manifest Your Desires Faster

Would you like to speed up the manifestation of your desires?

Would you like to clear the path for the manifestation of your desires once and for all?

Are you ready to be free of the subconscious and unconscious blockages preventing your desires from becoming a reality for you?

If so, Ghalil, author of Professional Dreamer, may have the answer for you.

“For an ‘arrow of thought’ (your desires) to reach its target (manifestation) its pathway must be clear. Therefore, your first step is to clearly identify your mental clutter, which is all of your repeating negative, distracting, aimless, competitive and contradictory thoughts that systematically impede the flow of positive and productive mental energy. Simply, clutter does what clutter does. It litters your mind and disorganizes your thoughts so that the energy you produce is too weak and ineffective to manifest in material form.” - Ghalil

How To Clear Your Mind Faster

The powerful tool that Ghalil recommends for mental clearing is what she calls inventory journaling, a structured form of journaling that will quickly and clearly show you a clear and detailed list of your negative and limiting beliefs.

Ghalil defines the phrase negative and limiting beliefs as any thought that pulls your mind away from a positive and productive focus, including the desires and things you want in your life.

She says that the key to clearing your mind faster is to release your negative thoughts and dump them into your inventory journal without dwelling on them because dwelling on the pain will only give it more energy.

So, dump, don’t dwell. Easy, right?

How to Create an Inventory Journal

An inventory journal consists of three parts:
  1. Prompts
  2. Fears
  3. Jailers

  • Prompts
Prompts are simple phrases designed to act as catalysts for this free flowing inventory journaling where you identify your negative programming and mental clutter, including your subconscious and unconscious limiting thought patterns.

To begin, find a pen and paper (or a recording device will work too). Go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. Allow about thirty minutes for this journaling exercise.

As you read each prompt, consider all of the areas of your life, and write down the first thoughts that come to you. If nothing comes to you, go to the next prompt. The idea is not to struggle with any of this. Just let it flow and come out in whatever form that it does (or not). Don’t try to be logical. Ghalil also says to not second-guess or edit any of your responses, even if it seems dumb, silly, or stupid. Remember, this is all of your mental clutter, so spew freely. You have permission to let it all fly out!

In the process of going through each prompt, if you suddenly think of something from a previous one, just write it down in the current one that you’re working on. There is no need to go back. 

Overall, the idea is to not spend too much time on any one prompt.

Here is a list of the prompts:

“I worry…”

“I fear…” or “I’m afraid…”

“I feel guilty…”

“I don’t have control…” or “I have no control over…”

“I can’t…”

“I doubt…” or “I don’t believe…”

“There’s never enough time…”

“I find it hard to forgive…”

“What I don’t want to do anymore is…” or “I don’t want…”

“What really hurts is…”

“I feel…”

“I regret…”

  • Fears
Next, go back over your responses and try to identify any fears within the negative thoughts you listed. Ghalil recommends rewriting or rephrasing your negative statements as fears to help uncover any deep or hidden seeds of negativity.

Example: By rephrasing “I feel angry at my parents,” it might become “I’m afraid I missed out, I fear I’m damaged” or something similar.

Once again, don’t struggle with this process, just let it flow and come out in whatever form that it does.

  • Jailers
“At this point, you can use your journal to identify dominant themes, key words and phrases that are repeatedly expressed. These are your mental jailers – thoughts that are keeping you a prisoner of your own mind, just as surely as if you were physically locked away. These thoughts pull you away from focusing on the positive tings you want in life. They limit your imagination and determine what you are willing to believe and accept for yourself.” - Ghalil

As you review and take inventory of your dominant negative thoughts, list them as Jailer #1, Jailer #2, and so on. For most people they will find that they only have a few jailers (i.e., dominant negative thoughts cluttering their mind). Others may have only one, but it shows up in many different ways in their life.

Here are some examples of possible jailers:

  • “I’m afraid of failing and being a failure”
  • “I fear others won’t like me”
  • “I fear the worst is going to happen”
  • “I fear I’m not good enough”

To complete the inventory journal process and your list of jailers, Ghalil suggests writing any word or phrase that captures the essence of each of your dominant negative thoughts.


  • “I’m afraid of failing and being a failure” becomes “loser”
  • “I fear others won’t like me” becomes “people pleaser”
  • “I fear the worst is going to happen” becomes “worry wart”
  • “I fear I’m not good enough” becomes “damaged goods”

Be creative. Choose words and phrases that are meaningful to you.

By completing this process, you will see how powerful it is to see, with detachment, that your jailers and dominant negative thoughts are really just words, accumulated mental rubbish.

How to Manifest Your Desires Faster

Ghalil next recommends carrying a list of your jailers with you (e.g., in your wallet) for a few days. She says that if you ever start to feel anything other than good at any time, simply pull out your list to see if you replaying one of your dominant negative thoughts.

If you are, you can say something like: “Oh yes, it’s you. I believe that we know each other. Too bad it’s time for you to go. Ba-bye!

Being aware of your jailers will help keep your energy focused instead on thoughts that are positive and productive for you. With practice, your energy will then be free to manifest your desires faster because there will be no negative blockages to impede their flow all the way to manifestation.

How cool is that?

How to Manifest Your Desires Even Faster

To manifest your desires even faster, take your list of jailers and most dominant negative thoughts and release them once and for all by forgiving them.

As I recommended in How to Really Simplify Your Life:

“Forgive and release (them) by saying several times something like:

(To my Higher Self, the Divinity within me)

‘I am sorry for whatever is going on inside of me that manifests as the problem that I perceive here. Please forgive me. Thank you God for healing me. I love you.’


(To my Higher Self, the Divinity within me)

‘I am sorry for whatever is going on here. Please forgive me. Thank you God. I love you.’

Or simply...

(To my Higher Self, the Divinity within me)

‘I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.’

By repeating one of these statements or something similar, you are activating the power of forgiveness to clean and clear all of the energy that actually created the problem and whatever is not bringing you joy (and your desires) in the present moment.”

Is that cool or what?

If you would like to learn more about Ghalil, I recommend her wonderful book "Professional Dreamer: 6 Simple Steps that turn Dreams into Reality."