How to Live with Zero Limits

Written by Raymond Salas

Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len have now released “Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More.” In this book, Joe reveals Dr. Len’s updated teachings of ho’oponopono for problem solving and removing the subconscious blocks, internal barriers, and mental obstacles preventing happiness, peace, health, wealth, etc. from flowing easily into our lives.

I have just completed the book. I really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Len and learning more about his teachings and the truly amazing and often miraculous experiences that have resulted from his practice of ho’oponopono.

Here are some of my favorite insights and excerpts from the book:

How to Live with Zero Limits

“Your choice is to clean or not. If you are clear, then when inspiration comes, you just act. You don’t think about it. If you think about it, then you are comparing the inspiration to something, and what you are comparing it to is a memory. Clean the memory and you don’t have choice. You just have inspiration and you act on it without thinking. It just is.”

“How do you get clear?”

“Keep saying ‘I love you.’”

The Power of “I Love You”

"Dr. Hew Len explained that in the simple phrase 'I love you' are three elements that can transform anything. He said they are gratitude, reverence, and transmutation."

“The phrases I say are like the magic words that open the combination lock to the universe. When I recite the phrases, which come out like a poem, I am opening myself to the Divine cleaning me and erasing all the programs preventing me from being here now.”

The Key to Living with Zero Limits

“You have total free will. You’re creating as you are breathing, but to live from zero (limits) you must let go of all memories to be there.”

“Your conscious mind will try to understand it all. But your conscious mind is aware of only 15 bits of information (per second) while there are 15 million bits (per second) happening all the time. Your conscious mind doesn’t have a clue what’s really happening.”

The Power of Living with Zero Limits

“You came into this world with a gift within yourself. You may know it right away or not. You may not even know right now. At some point you’ll sense it within you. Now, your mind is going to judge it. If your mind judges it as bad, you’ll seek therapy or methods or drugs or addictions to handle it, hide it, resolve it, release it, or accept it. But once you have removed that interference preventing you from acting on your gift, you’ll act on that gift. Your choice is to go with the flow or not. That’s free will.”

“Everyone has a gift.”

“The point is not to resist your role.”

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