How to Attract Your Desires Easily

Photo by Renee Grayson

Written by Raymond Salas

Looking for the key to attract more good into your life?

Looking to attract your desires easily?

Is there an easy way to get your life back “on track”?

Al Diaz may have the answers to each of these questions.

Who is Al Diaz?

Al Diaz is the creator of “The Titus Concept,” a system that he believes will easily bring you all that you desire and require.

“The Titus Concept” is based on the principle that each of us already possesses all that we desire and require. Therefore, by following a few simple steps, we can attract to our lives all that we desire and require.

Al is careful to use the words “desire” and “require” and not “want” and “need” because he feels that the latter two words imply some kind of lack, which he says is not true. In fact, he says that we are already rich and abundant. However, some of us may not know or be aware of it.

“The Titus Concept” can heal and resolve these misperceptions.

What is “The Titus Concept”?

“The Titus Concept” is the idea that everything in your life, past, present, and future is there for your best and highest good. That’s right, EVERYTHING (no exceptions).

Al says that even if you can’t identify the good, by simply deciding “It is all for my best and highest good,” through the power of this choice, all the areas of your life will transform and become exactly that: for your best and highest good.

Our words are very powerful. Combined with the power of our decision and the Law of Attraction, and saying “This is (was) for my best and highest good” can bring us the success, money, relationships, health, and all that we desire and require easily and effortlessly because all that we desire and require already exists within us. “The Titus Concept” merely opens the “vibrational door” within and brings all of these things into our life and awareness.

Al cautions everyone not to be deceived by the ease and simplicity of “The Titus Concept.” He explains:

“Other success ‘systems’ add layers of complexity to the process of achieving the life you want. ‘The Titus Concept’ takes everything down to its essentials, so you can use it easily to make the life of your dreams into the life of your reality.”

The Formula for “The Titus Concept”

Here is the formula for “The Titus Concept”:

  • Shift perception (past):
First, decide that all past events were for your best and highest good because they brought you to this present moment and this moment is either an opportunity or a blessing (there are no other choices).

  • Shift focus (future):
Next, focus and fully embrace all that you desire and require, knowing that it is also for your best and highest good. Ignore what you don’t want.

  • Change the internal (now):  
“Once you shift your past and truly focus on transforming your life, you will automatically change your internal well being. You will be gleaming from within, which will show externally, because you have just empowered yourself to deliberately and consciously create your own life – your own destiny.”  
- Al Diaz

  • Change the external (results):
Whenever we change the internal (i.e., through the previous steps), the external must follow and change too. The external always reflects the internal.

How to Attract Your Desires Easily

So, how do we attract our desires easily?
  • Love your Self unconditionally, not from the ego, but from the spirit’s (heart) perspective.
  • Honor who you are and what you are.

Al recommends the following daily exercise:

After awakening each morning and just before sleep every night, go to a mirror and look deeply into your eyes. Take three deep breaths, and tell your Self three times: “I love you unconditionally. I honor who you are and what you are.”

He says:
“(This is) very simple, but for some it will require a lot of courage. For others, it will take telling their ego to back off, because ego will try and convince them how stupid this really is and that it doesn’t work.

The more uncomfortable or silly this feels when you first do it, will indicate how little you Love your Self. At the other end of the spectrum, the more comfortable and good you feel doing it, will indicate how much you Love your Self.”

He recommends doing this daily exercise for at least 30 days. As a result, you will notice your Life shifting, and your vibration and energy beneficially rising. Al and his clients have personally experienced wonderful miracles and results from this daily practice.

The Power of “The Titus Concept”

How powerful is “The Titus Concept”?

Al Diaz believes that “The Titus Concept” can bring each of us a life that is effortless and simple, free from ego.

“When you proclaim ‘everything is for my best and highest good,’ you change the level of energy and you start seeing things in your life that is for your best. The rest is taken care of by the Law of Attraction. We are what we think most of the time.” 

- Emmanuel Segui