How to Really Manifest Your Desires

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Written by Raymond Salas

Now that the Law of Attraction is mainstream, there are more coaches, teachers, videos, books, workshops, programs, newsletters, and success systems than ever before. If you are new to all of this, it can seem overwhelming and even confusing. As a result, you may be wondering:

What program should I do?

What workshop should I take?

What book should I read?

Where do I start?

What really works?

Who do I listen to?

In truth, all of these questions can be summed up as one:

How do I really manifest my desires?

When we can answer this one for ourselves, all of the others become irrelevant.

How to Really Manifest Your Desires

To help me sort out the answer to this question (i.e., how to manifest my desires?), I found it very helpful to review some of the different things, in different areas of my life, that actually did manifest for me already (and that I really wanted at the time). As I mentally recalled as many details as possible from each situation, circumstance, and experience, I looked for patterns, similarities, and common threads throughout each.

Here is what I found:

  • Identify what you desire.
The first step was to identify what I desire. For example, shortly after deciding that I wanted a new car (but didn’t know which one to buy), I was driving along one day when I came up to an intersection stop. As I did this, a car with a design, style, and color that I loved pulled up next to me. In that moment, I knew that I wanted that exact type of car. I didn’t know how, when, or any of the other details. All that I knew was that I wanted that type of car; unless, of course, I encountered an even better one for me before making my purchase.

  • Have strong feelings about your desire.
I can remember living in the “dorm” in college and not really enjoying the experience. I felt “cramped.” I wanted more individual privacy and time to myself. If you have ever lived in a college dormitory, you know that they are not really designed for this. Soon, I reached the point emotionally where I felt like I couldn’t stay in the “dorms” much longer. However, I had limited options at the time (or believed that I did) because I was living on a very small, part-time college student income.

One day, during this time, I went to the college job board to see about possible employment opportunities and found myself instead at the housing office postings. Here I saw that a room was available in a private home nearby, but no rent amount was listed. After inquiring further, I discovered that it was a really, really nice, large home that was practically empty most days. The owners didn’t actually live in the house, but lived nearby. They said that they would feel better knowing that someone was living in the home, so they decided to make a room available. I met with the owners and they offered me a room with access to the entire house for….FREE. That’s right, free!

Looking back at this manifestation, I realized that my feelings were so strong about getting out of the “dorms” that I attracted an ideal situation to me, even with my so-called “limited” circumstances and means. It was a great reminder that the Universe has no limits on how it can manifest anything in our lives, except the ones we place on It.

  • Be nonattached.
After reviewing many of the often amazing things that have manifested for me, I realized that, in each case, I was also nonattached to these desires.

Specifically, I was nonattached to HOW my desires would manifest; WHEN my desires would manifest; or IF my desires would manifest at all.

In the areas where I have not manifested my desires, I usually discover that I am attached to one or more these details (i.e., how, if, when) in some way, sometimes even subconsciously.

“What's the secret to getting what you want? Not needing it. When you would welcome it but you don't need it, you begin to attract it.” - Joe Vitale

  • Look for the opportunity to take action.
In all of the instances where my desires have manifested, I took action when the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes, the opportunity to act was obvious. Other times, I just felt inspired to do something, so I did. Often this inspiration was simply doing whatever occurred to me next.

Occasionally, my intuition told me not to take any action at all. In these instances, no action or taking a temporary break was the real opportunity. So I tried to listen.

When it comes to taking action, the key for me is not rushing to action just to feel like I’m doing something. Whenever I have done this, it is usually out of the fear that if I don’t do something immediately, nothing will happen or worse, everything will fall apart. The irony in these situations is that my desires still didn’t manifest by taking these fear-based actions and often, everything fell apart anyways.

  • Manifest your desires.
Whenever I consistently followed this same pattern: identify what you desire; have strong feelings about your desire; be nonattached; look for the opportunity to take action, the manifestation of my desires happened consistently almost every time. When they didn’t happen, something better happened instead.

What I Learned from Manifesting My Desires

After manifesting many wonderful desires in my life, I have noticed a couple of more interesting and sometimes ironic things:

First, I noticed that I encountered things to desire when I wasn’t looking for them. I was usually just present in the moment, doing my “thing,” when something that was about to become a desire for me would enter into my experience. In the earlier example with my new car, I was simply driving along (not actually looking for a new car), when a car that I loved (and had not noticed previously) pulled up next to me. In that moment, I identified what I wanted and “sent” my desire, with my strong feelings, to the Universe for fulfillment.

Second, I observed that I never had to “tell” the Universe more than once about my desires. 

Whenever I identified something and felt strongly about it. That was it. The Universe received my request the first time, every time.
“Three things: You ask; the Universe gives; you let in. That's all there is to it. And if you're not living it, it's not because you're not asking. You are. No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law.” - Abraham-Hicks

So, what are you waiting for?