Shortcuts for a Happy Life

What happens if you have never seen or read “The Secret”?

What happens if you have never read or heard the teachings of Abraham-Hicks?

What happens if you have never heard about the Law of Attraction?

(I hope that I didn’t scare or upset you with these imaginary scenarios.)

Now let me ask you this:

“Is it still possible to live a joyous and happy life, without these resources?”


“Is there a shortcut or “cheat sheet” for all this “Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” stuff that everyone is talking about these days?”

Without any doubt, my answer is “Yes!”

What You Really Want

Face it. There are still many people (you probably know a few) who will never see or read “The Secret”; read or listen to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks; or study the Law of Attraction, yet who still want and desire what everyone else desires: To be happy, completely free to live their lives expressing their true selves. In other words, everyone wants to live their own version of a happy life.

Shortcuts for a Happy Life – The “CliffsNotes” to the Universe

Here’s my daily Law of Attraction “cheat sheet”…or what I like to call my “CliffsNotes to the Universe”:

  • Be grateful.
Yes, I know that to some, it might sound like a CD that keeps on skipping on the same tune. Metaphysical circles are always buzzing with phrases like “be grateful,” “the power of gratitude,” and “the power of a gratitude journal”…over and over again. There’s a reason. Gratitude is powerful.

How powerful?

“When you are in the mode of appreciation, there is no resistance within your vibration. And your own achievement of resistance is the only thing that ever holds you apart from anything you desire. Once you become oriented toward looking for things to appreciate, you will find that your day will be filled with such things.” - Abraham-Hicks

But, what about love? Where does love fit in?

“Love and appreciation are really the same vibration. Some use the word ‘gratitude,’ or a feeling of ‘thankfulness,’ but all of these words are descriptive of Well-Being.” - Abraham-Hicks

Here’s how I try to practice gratitude daily:

Upon awakening and before sleep every day, I think of at least five things that I am grateful for. 

If I am further inspired, I write these things down. Yes, you guessed it…in a gratitude journal.

Throughout the day, I also try to remember the “big three” (i.e., appreciate more, praise more, and feel good more often).

  • Surrender the day.
Readers of my articles might already know that I believe surrender is the missing piece for manifesting your desires and a vital key to living a happy life.

So, it might not be surprising to learn that every morning, after I review all that I am grateful for, I follow it with a little prayer like this one:

“Higher Self, I surrender and release to you now every aspect and detail of this day and my life. Of myself, I can do nothing. I will step back and let You lead the way. Where will I go today? What will I say? What will I do? You decide for me.”

In addition, before beginning anything throughout my day (e.g., meals, tasks, work, other activities, etc.), I surrender it first, either silently or aloud (whichever is more convenient). I have found that everything in my day seems to flow more smoothly whenever I remember to do this.

Just so you know…I use the terms “Higher Self,” “God,” “Universe,” “Source Energy,” “Inner Being” interchangeably because they all mean the same thing to me. Whatever I feel is the most meaningful and empowering in the moment is the term I choose.

  • Meditate.
After surrendering my day every morning, I sit down for 10-15 minutes (sometimes 20 minutes) of the “m” word. That’s right, “meditation.”

As “A Course In Miracles” recommends:

“As soon as possible after waking take your quiet time (with God), continuing a minute or two after you begin to find it difficult. You may find that the difficulty will diminish and drop away. If not, that is the time to stop. The same procedures should be followed at night.”

I see these daily meditations as really an opportunity to align consciously with my Higher Self. 

Therefore, I usually begin each meditation period with:

“Higher Self, I consciously align myself with You now. I am choosing to only hear Your Voice and guidance now.”

For me, daily meditation not only increases my awareness of my Higher Self, but also raises my energy, and releases stress and resistance in all forms.

As an added benefit, if there are questions or anything else on my mind before I begin my meditation time, I surrender these as well to my Higher Self, requesting clarity and guidance. 

Afterwards, I follow whatever guidance and inspiration I receive. I have found this to be a very effective way of resolving many challenges in all areas of my life.

  • Stay present. Be inspired.
After completing my morning meditation, I try to keep my attention focused throughout the day on the here and now, following whatever inspiration follows. I try to remember that there is nothing that I need to do; only things that I want to do.

It’s not always perfect, but I do try to heed this suggestion from Abraham-Hicks:

“We would never do anything that didn’t make our heart sing!… And so you say, ‘But that choice doesn’t seem to be there. There’s this choice that doesn’t make my heart sing, or sort of staying where I am. So what should I do?’ And we say, we’d hang around and wait for something that makes our heart sing—and then we’d jump in with all four feet.”

  • Begin again, whenever necessary.
If my day ever starts to “head south” and not feel good in any way, I simply stop in that moment and remind myself to “Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe.”

I find this practice is very good for bringing me back to a peaceful center, where I can feel good again. Usually, three or four slow, deep breaths with these “relax and breathe” statements will “do the trick” every time.

  • Forgive the past.
In my article “The Power of Forgiveness,” I noted:

“Forgiveness will remove all sense of weakness, strain and fatigue from your mind. It will take away all fear and guilt and pain. It will restore the invulnerability and power God gave you to your awareness.” - ACIM

Because of my own experiences with the power of forgiveness, I always try to end my day by forgiving the past, any areas where I responded with anything other than love and gratitude.

If you would like to learn more about how to forgive anyone or anything (especially yourself), I recommend checking out my article on forgiveness here.

How to Live a Happy Life

To me, a happy life is actually just a series of happy days. And happy days are just a series of happy moments. So, by choosing to be happy now, in this moment, and by following these “shortcuts for a happy life,” my moments are happier and happier. As a result, each day is happier. And therefore, my life is happier.

So, what is the real secret to living a happy life?

Start now.