The Healing Power of Animals

Photo by Mike Lewinski

Written by Raymond Salas

I remember buying a deck of Medicine Cards a few years ago. For those of you who are not familiar with them, Medicine Cards are a divination tool, based on Native American wisdom and tradition revealing the healing “medicine” of specific animals and creatures. Since their creation, Medicine Cards have been used by millions for guidance, inspiration, and answers to their life’s questions.

I no longer have my Medicine Cards, but one of the concepts that stuck with me to this day was to always pay attention when certain animals begin to consistently show up in my life, whether in a dream, photograph, or just seeing one (or more) of them cross my path in some way throughout my day.

Native American wisdom teaches that these animals and their “medicine” are showing me something about myself in that particular moment. The Great Spirit (God) is communicating to my consciousness through the animal’s presence and the medicine it represents. The word “medicine” in the context of Native American tradition and custom refers to the healing aspect that a particular animal or creature brings to our awareness and consciousness.

Nature Speaks

Awhile back, I kept noticing dragonflies everywhere (for some reason.) They would fly up to me when I was walking. Sometimes, they would fly up to my car’s window while I was driving. Occasionally, several of them would swirl around me and continue to cross my path in other unusual ways. All of this activity continued for almost a week.

Remembering my Medicine Cards, I decided to do an internet search for the term “Dragonfly medicine” to see what the Universe was trying to tell me with all of this dragonfly invasion business.

Here is the essence of what I found (or what really resonated with me at the time):

  • Dragonfly medicine encourages you to accept that anything is possible, any goal is attainable, and reality is yours to create.

  • Dragonfly medicine represents the breaking of illusions and the removal of beliefs that tell you that you cannot achieve your desires.

  • Dragonfly medicine is the bringer of visions of true power.

For the last several years, I have been seeing hummingbirds everywhere. They have been flying up to my window while I am working. I can see them and hear them singing throughout my day (in varied locations). In one instance, the tree outside of my kitchen window literally filled up with them right before my very eyes. I have never seen anything like this before.

After doing some research on the internet for the term “Hummingbird medicine,” here is what I found:

  • Hummingbird medicine says to get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may leave your senses reeling.

  • Hummingbird medicine symbolizes a renewal of the magic of living, an opportunity to enjoy the Creator’s many gifts.

  • Hummingbird medicine brings love like no other medicine can.

The Animal Wise Tarot, Ted Andrews adds:

“Hummingbird's appearance signals a time of new nectar within our lives. New joy is manifesting around us and our dreams are closer to be fulfilled. We are entering a period of accomplishment.

Hummingbird's appearance always heralds joy and accomplishment. We will begin to see the attainment of our dreams. Opportunity is manifesting around us and we should grab it heartily. Hummingbird signals a time of blessings and new sunshine. New ventures of success and renewed health are a promise.

The hummingbird is a symbol for accomplishing what seems impossible. The hummingbird helps us to find the miracle of joyful living. A beautiful, magical gift.”

All that I can say is “Wow! Thank you my hummingbird friends!”

Animal Medicine for you

What animals or creatures have been crossing your path lately or showing up in your life in some ways? 

What message is the Great Spirit trying to bring to you and your consciousness at this moment?

My suggestion is to remain open and let Mother Nature speak to you in her many wonderful ways. I know firsthand that the healing power of the messages that animals can bring just may be the medicine right now that your heart, mind, and soul has been searching for.