Life Is Endless

Written by Raymond Salas

Dedicated with love to the life of Kevin.

With the news of the passing of my friend Kevin, my thoughts about the true nature of life came back into my awareness. I truly believe that life is endless.  

“We’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences. We’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”  Deepak Chopra

Here is what has helped me arrive at my current beliefs about all of this:

What is reincarnation?

I was asked as a spiritual coach and counselor to visit a man whom I was told was “near his time.” He said that he had a few questions on his mind about life that he wanted to discuss. I had no idea what to expect. One of the questions that he asked was “What is reincarnation?” When I answered him, it was one of those experiences (I don’t know if you have ever had this happen) where I was listening to myself respond to his question with an answer that I had never thought of or considered before. Maybe, it was my Higher Self breaking through and answering for me. Who knows?

I told him to imagine a plant. If you give the plant everything that it needs (i.e., water, food, light, environment, etc.), in theory, it should live forever. Now, if you photograph the plant at different time intervals (e.g. 5 days old, 5 years old, 50 years old, etc.) and compare each of these photos side-by-side, it will appear like you’re viewing pictures of different plants. Visually, they will seem different based on the time period you are focusing on. In reality, they are all photos of the same plant, just at different points in time. This incarnation is simply a snapshot of a point in time of your One Life that goes on forever. We have the choice to look at only the photo in time or the whole plant itself. One is reality. The other is only a reflection of it.

Spider-man returns

Yes, I am one of those people that do not kill spiders when I find them in my home. I catch them in a little white plastic cup with a lid and release them to the garden, where I am sure that they are much happier. I could swear that the spiders must “know” that I am there to help them because often they will literally jump into the cup as I approach them. They seem to be cooperating fully with the entire process.

One day as I was releasing one of my spider friends to the garden, I wondered if this spider’s transition from my home to the garden might be sort of an analogy of what people experience when they crossover into the Non-Physical realm (otherwise known as death). Initially, the spider is in a strange transition phase (in my plastic container), going from my home (its temporary home) to the garden (its true home). During its transition, the spider is still intact and not harmed in any way. Its transition phase is only temporary until it is released to a greater freedom and its natural environment. I believe that it’s the same for us.

Visiting my parents

My parents live about 45 miles away from my home. At this moment (here in my home), I cannot sense them with my physical senses, yet I believe that they are over “there” somewhere, in their home. The truth (i.e. the only thing I know for sure), however, is only what is in my here and now. This is the only thing that I can prove. Everything else is a belief and a projection of mine. Therefore, at this moment, my parents only exist as thoughts and projections of mine. (Hi Mom and Dad!)

I have the belief though that I can get in my car and “travel” to visit my parents, if I desire to. To me, the only difference between my parents in this scenario and someone who has crossed over into the Non-Physical realm is that I can drive my car to visit them (or call them, email, etc.). However, I also believe that I have an opportunity to continue my communication and relationships with those in the Non-Physical realm, but the means will be different because there are two different realms involved. I have found that the only thing that can stop me from experiencing this type of communication and relationships is my own belief that it is not possible.

The circle of light

I used to facilitate a weekly meditation group in my home. At the end of each meditation session, I would have all of the participants form a circle, close their eyes, and send white light to our newly-formed circle. Next, I would verbally invite all of those in the Non-Physical realm, who might benefit from our group’s loving white light and intentions, to come into the circle and be blessed as they continued on their journey. Almost immediately after I made this invitation, I would “see” (with my eyes closed) people of all types, ages, sizes, etc. walk into our circle of light. Often, these beings would say “Thank you” and some other things as they went into the circle. When this first started happening, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if I was imagining it all. But, from the beginning of my first attempts at this, the other participants in my meditation group also started to report seeing and hearing people too. Usually, they would “see” the same beings and “hear” the same words at the same time, and describe it all in the same ways afterwards. Initially, it was a little freaky for some, but after repeated experiences of the same phenomena each week, everyone not only got used to it, but actually looked forward to it, which I am sure helped facilitate the whole process for all involved, both physical and non-physical.


"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."  - Richard Bach

My love and prayers go out to Kevin, his wife, children, and to all of his loving family and friends. Kevin, my friend, we are forever one and we always will be.

"Accept no compromise in which death plays a part. Be not deceived by the 'reality' of any changing form."  A Course In Miracles