How to Actually Enjoy The Holidays This Year

by Raymond David Salas

The holidays are here.

Are you dreading them?

Do they make you feel depressed?

Are you not looking forward to seeing certain individuals during holiday gatherings?

If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, let me ask you this: 

"Would you like the holidays to be different for you?"

"Would you like to actually enjoy the holidays for a change?"

If so, follow me...

How to Actually Enjoy The Holidays This Year

  • Drop your expectations.

The holidays seem to come programmed with many expectations for many people including:

- You're supposed to be happy.

- You're supposed to be with your family.

- You're supposed to be happy being with your family.

- You're supposed to have someone to kiss on New Year's eve (just like in the last scene of "When Harry Met Sally").

- Etc., etc., etc.

Are you ready to drop these and all other expectations? 

If you are, try something different this year: 

Try doing what YOU really want to do instead. Do what feels good to you.


Because this is your life, your experiences. Your choice.

You may be thinking: "Isn't that kind of selfish to do what I really want to do?"

The best thing that you have to offer anyone else is your own happiness.

Fake smiles and pretending to be happy when you're not never benefits anyone.

But, what will others think? 

Who knows? You have no control over how others choose to react or respond in this or any other situation.

If they do get upset, I know it's not great, but they'll get over it. 

Even if they don't understand or agree with you, let go of the need for approval from others and wanting them to agree with you before you can give yourself permission to do something that you really want to do anyways.

The most important thing for you is to be true to yourself. Let whatever you choose to do reflect you and what you're about now, in the present.

Let everyone else do the same...or not. Either way, it's everyone's choice.

Remember, there are no rules here. So, make up your own.

  • Focus on giving.

One of the greatest and most powerful things about the holidays is that it gives each of us the opportunity to focus on giving to others.

Giving doesn't necessarily mean materialistic or commercial things... or maxing out your credit cards to buy everyone a gift.

During the holidays, many people choose to donate their time, money, and energy to worthy causes, charities, and organizations that they believe in... or sometimes it's simply helping out a neighbor, friend, or family member(s) in need.

When I used to work for a non-profit several years ago, our busiest days of the year (with the most volunteers) were always Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Any time you can make your focus about helping others, the by-product is that you end up feeling good too.

You receive what you give. Every time.

I believe that there is no better way to beat the holiday blues than to focus on giving, serving, and helping others in whatever way that you choose.

I wish you peace and joy this holiday season and in the new year.

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